Step 1

  • Grip the HOLD tab with thumb and finger of one hand to stabilize device
  • Pry upward at edge of LIFT tab with the other hand to release cover from base

Step 2

  • Completely detach cover from base

Step 3

  • Remove the catheter – do not use excessive force
  • Hold pressure at site to achieve hemostasis
  • If the insertion site is “crusty” or scabbed, use sterile gauze and saline to soak the site for a few minutes. The tissue will soften and removal will be easier


Split Option Removal Step 1

  • Use a blunt tip scissors to cut base completely in half lengthwise along the groove

Split Option Removal Step 2

  • The flexible securement feet are shaped like an "L" with the feet extending 5mm to each side of the insertion site
  • Apply firm pressure at the insertion site with one finger right above the anchor foot

Split Option Removal Step 3

  • Use a swift, deliberate tug to remove each foot separately, following the shape of the foot
  • Pressure right at the insertion site with a finger above the foot keeps the tissue still and causes the foot to flex as it is pulled out without causing tearing or trauma to the tissue

Fold Option Removal Step 1

  • Apply firm pressure at the insertion site to keep tissue still
  • Fold wings downward to bring feet together under the skin

Fold Option Removal Step 2

  • Hold folded base horizontal to skin
  • Use swift, deliberate upward motion to remove following the shape of the feet